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Family Bible Study of the Gospel of Mark

This study is designed to encourage parents to read and learn from the Bible along with their school aged and older children. (Younger children may need help writing the answers.)  It is most effective if family members take turns reading the verses of each passage, or if family members read together in unison. 

We suggest that you read each question and discuss each answer before moving to the next.  We encourage older family members to be patient with little ones whose fingers move slowly.  Older family members can also help the younger ones with spelling.  Each person should answer in her or his own words. 

Our family begins each day's study with prayer, and when we have time we also sing a song or hymn.  If, for some reason one family member cannot study on a particular day, we read other Scripture by ourselves and wait until we are all together to continue with the family study.

(This study is in development.  A new chapter will be added each week.  If you get stuck on an answer, feel free to email )


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