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Tuesday, February 15 2011
We thought of a lot of names before we chose "Christ Point." Jim and I knew of a traditional church by the same name in Corpus Christi. It was started a few years ago by Jess and Jackie Cole, and several other people. When we first heard "Christ Point" it seemed like a strange thing to call a community of Christians, and we wondered what it meant.

But, we really didn't think about it much more until we were praying about what to call a new group of believers God was forming in Spokane. As we brainstormed about names, Christ Point kept coming to mind. We checked out search engines and found that the name isn't very common (maybe because it's kind of strange.) There is a church in Tennessee, and also a ministry called "Christ Pointe" (both with an "e"). But the only other "Christ Point" was the one in Corpus Christi.

So, we looked up the meaning of the word "point" and realized that it made sense as a name for a group of followers of Jesus Christ, in multiple ways.

POINT (noun):

the important or essential thing;
a direction on a compass;
a particular instant of time,
a critical position in a course of history;
the bearing of a sailing vessel, considered with relation to the direction of the wind;
a particular aim, end, or purpose;
close to, almost at a goal;
a precise moment in history;

POINT (verb):
to direct attention to, or upon something.
to indicate the presence or position of something
to have a tendency toward something;
to have a specified direction;
to face in a particular direction;

When we considered the meaning of “Christ” - annointed, Messiah – and combined these, there were even more meanings.

We decided that a multiplicity of meaning was exactly what was needed. God is infinite. No matter how much we learn, no matter how much we submit to His will, no matter how close we grow to Him, there is always infinitely more!

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