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Friday, April 12 2013

The “church, at least in “Western countries” is a horrid mess!  It is hard to find God’s true word being preached. The mainline denominations are dying.  They have compromised away most of the meaning and power of the Gospel through liberalism and ecumenism. In the Evangelical and Charismatic denominations, many shepherds not only neglect the sheep, they devour them.  Jesus’ statement in Matt 20:25-28 is not only ignored, but it is openly and brazenly defied.  So-called “pastors” declare themselves the leaders of the “church” (the organization that pays them) and insist on ruling over the people they are leading to destruction.  The “pastors” rule everyone, the “elders” rule the “members,” the husbands rule the wives, and no one pays any attention to what Jesus said about being servants and slaves to one another.  “Church” has become an entertainment business and the employees are the only ones reaping the profits.

Self-proclaimed “apostles” and “prophets” (mostly male) are proliferating.  Men and women brag about being “anointed” (little christs!)  Many actually say they have the “Christ spirit” and claim to be “little gods.”  People claim to be mediators between God and others.  They claim that THEY can “impart” spiritual gifts and blessings to others by laying hands on them (as if God needs them to give us gifts!)  Well known “leaders” brag about idolatrous and occult activity such as lying on graves of famous ministers to receive their mantles.

During “Christian” gatherings that might once have involved praise, thanksgiving, and worship of God, these “leaders” prance and strut (or stumble) around on a stage, sometimes acting drunk or stoned and pantomiming activities that might make them that way.  Some wave their hands at the “audience” to cause people to fall down, or lay hands on them to “impart” “gifts” that cause them to scream, jerk, make animal sounds, or run frantically around the meeting area. 

When do people hear and proclaim the Gospel message?  When do they study God’s word in Scripture? When do they join together in praise and thanksgiving?  When do they serve each other in love?

Many of today’s self-proclaimed “Christians” take great offense when someone asks them to show where their beliefs and practices can be found in Scripture. In the past, denominations and congregations sometimes had doctrinal differences and differences in practice. But if you read about those times, the differences originated in different interpretations of actual Scripture.  Today, the differences are based on what the self-proclaimed leaders claim that God is telling them. Folks, if it’s not in Scripture, it has NOTHING to do with Jesus and the true Gospel!  Scripture is the guide for discerning real vs. idolatrous religious practice.  Scripture tells us to be sober, not drunk; to take turns speaking, not sit in a daze or make noises together; and to behave in an orderly way, with self-control (“For God is not a God or disorder, but of peace.”)

If you doubt these things, then you really, really need to read the New Testament (for yourself!) and find out what God says.  Apostasy and heresy are widespread.  Stop listening to people who collect as much money as they can from you as often as they can.  This, in and of itself, should make you wonder about them. While you read, keep an eye out for what God says about following false apostles and prophets and about those who teach a gospel other than the one in Scripture. As you read, pray that God will give you discernment to see the true spirit behind these false leaders. Come out from among them!

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I agree.
Posted by Jim on 04/13/2013 - 05:05 PM
Many "churches" are bordering on or crossing over into cult status. I think these churches are in that realm. All Scripture is inspired by God and all Scripture agrees with itself. If a "Christian" cannot point to a clear Scriptural reference for their belief and keep it within the entire Scriptural context, they are not following God's Word. They are following man...or worse. And once it starts becoming harmful for the congregation, it has graduated into full-blown cult. Maybe you should hand out diplomas for graduation?
Posted by Nick on 05/12/2013 - 07:11 PM
Your post sounds exactly like the last church that God led me out of, and unlike Lot's wife, I never looked back. I can only humbly thank and Praise our Father for His protection and love as that self proclaimed, earthly protection and love was never displayed by the pastor, nor leadership within this false relgious system, only self agrandizement. And so true, when a born again believer, by the Spirit of God, begins to question these aberant teachings from the imaginations of men, all of that "love bombing" that initially took place when you first began attending their church building, turns to stone and you will be hated by these very same people who desired you to follow them instead of Jesus Christ.
Posted by Ann on 09/19/2013 - 11:50 PM

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