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The Commitment of Ruth

The comments below refer to Chapter 1, verses 1-18 from the Book of Ruth in your Bible.  It is only four chapters long, which makes it a bit hard to find sandwiched as it is between the Book of Judges and the Book 1 of Samuel.

Commitment – being faithful, dedicated to doing what is right.

Even if you know it will be a struggle.

Even if you know that you will be in danger.  

Even if you know that you may live the rest of your life rejected and scorned.

Even though you know that you might not survive the journey. 

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Cults and false teachers frequently condemn “doctrine,” and far too many people fall for this.  It is often used as an insult, as in “They follow doctrine, but we love Jesus.” 

That idea is nonsense!  What do these people think doctrine is? 

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The Dignity of Women

A few years ago I participated in a Live Streaming course offered by God's Word to Women College. The course was called "Paul, Women and the Church" and was taught by Dr. Susan Hyatt and Dr Eddie Hyatt. During the fourth lesson. Dr. Eddie Hyatt mentioned someone who called the Christian Gospel “The Gospel that gives dignity to women.”  This is a wonderfully accurate description of the New Testament message regarding women.  In New Testament times, as now, there were wives, mothers, business women, leaders, and women of ill repute.  No matter how high or low their status was in society, they were considered, by most people at that time, of less importance than a man of similar social rank.  But when they committed their lives to Jesus Christ, God’s own Holy Spirit began to live in them!

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End Times Theology (Eschatology)

Recently, a friend asked me what I thought about various views of the end times.  After reviewing relevant scripture, commentaries, books, and articles, I’ve come to some definite conclusions.  Before I discuss my conclusions, I want to make it clear that I respect the time and effort that so many people have put into their study and analysis of eschatological issues.  There is value in the study of prophecy and eschatology, and each of the end times perspectives I mention below have scriptural support and provide valuable insight for believers.  However, as a review of relevant web sites will show, disagreement regarding these issues sometimes leads to harshness toward those with different interpretations.  That’s why I am addressing the controversy.  more ...

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